Personal Evaluation Inventory1

This evaluation will give you a quick summary of the distinctive characteristics of your personality.  Read the instructions below, follow the directions, and then hit "Submit Test" when you are finished.  You will then receive a individualized summary of your personality.


Check the adjectives that apply to you as you feel you actually are, not as how you'd like to be. Work quickly, giving your first impressions:

Likeable       Nervous        Intelligent    Musical      
Humorous       Insecure       Outgoing       Humble       
Confident      Pushy          Experimenting  Decisive     
Shy            Technical      Critical       Tender       
Verbal         Serious        Assertive      Unpredictable
Kind           Aggressive     Interesting    Melancholy   
Mature         Clear-minded   


1 This evaluation is adapted from:
Russo, N. F. (1981). Personality tests. In L. T. Benjamin, Jr., & K. D. Lowman (Eds.), Activities handbook for the teaching of psychology (Vol. 1, pp. 173-174). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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