College Level Study Materials for the Accuplacer Exam

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The college level test measures your skills in five main categories.

        a. Algebraic operations

                This includes simplifying rational algebraic expressions, factoring and expanding polynomials, as well as manipulating roots and exponents.

        b. Solutions of equations and inequalities

                This includes solutions of linear and quadratic equations by factoring, expanding polynomials as well as manipulating roots and exponents.

        c. Coordinate geometry

                This section includes plane geometry, the coordinate plane, straight lines, conics, sets of points in a plane, and graphs of algebraic functions.

        d. Application and other algebra topics

                This includes complex numbers, sequences and series, determinants, permutations, combinations, fractions and word problems.

        e. Functions and trigonometry

                This includes polynomial functions, algebraic functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions and trigonometric functions.


College Level Practice Test Materials

Print out the Practice Exam linked below.  Work through each problem and if you don't understand a question, use the TEGRITY video solutions to watch a video presentation of the worked out solution.


The following file is a sample test made by the ARCC math department. Note: this test consists of 50 problems, but the actual exam is 20 problems.

ARCC College Level Practice Exam for the Accuplacer Placement Test

ARCC College Level Practice Exam for the Accuplacer Placement Test - ANSWERS



Two sample questions for the College Level test:


1. If the first and third terms of a geometric sequence are 3 and 27 respectively, then the second term could be?


A. 6                 B. 9                  C. 12               D. 15               E. 18


2. What is the amplitude of  y = 3 sin2x  ?


A.                B.                 C.                D.  3                E. 


The answer to sample question 1 is B and the answer to sample question 2 is D.


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