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ML82 Women rock musicians
ML102 American musical theatre
ML200 American music: Black / Cuban
ML410 Individual musicians such as:
  ML410.B Beethoven
  ML410.G978 Woody Guthrie
  ML410.J  Elton John
  ML410.M JellyRoll Morton
  ML410.M9 Mozart
  ML410.S3 Schubert
  ML410.V4 Verdi
ML418.M45 Charles Mingus
ML457 Music performance
ML1200 Orchestral
ML1700 Opera / Broadway musicals
ML2800 Soul / Spirituals
ML3187 Black gospel musicians
ML3477.7 Cajun & Creole
ML3476  Popular music/ Lyrics
ML3487 Brazilian/ Samba
ML3502.9 African
ML3506  Beebop/ Jazz /Swing
ML3521 Blues
ML3524 Country music
ML3531 Rap/ lyrics
ML3534  Rock / Punk rock
ML3532 Reggae
ML3551 Folk music
ML3556 Black music
ML3560 Cajun music & dance
ML3561 Rock 'n Roll
ML3795 Music business
ML3830  Music and the brain
ML3920 Music therapy
PE2808.8 Music lyrics

Recommended Websources:

A-Z Lyrics Universe Ads/ varying quality/ watch copyright!
All About Jazz
Michael Ricci
All Music Guide (AMG)
American Choral Music 1870-1923
Lib of Congress
Blue Flame Cafe Black Am Blues Singers (limited citations)
Ctr for Popular Mus
Classical net commercial & non-commercial sites
Classical Music Pages
quick overview/ Matthew Boynick
British Library Digitized Manuscripts
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
Ethnomusicology, Folk, World music UW Mus Lib, J Gibbs
Folk Music Index J Keefere UNC, Chapel Hill iBIblio
Free Music Archive WFMU dir.
HearHere UK Royal Philharmonic Society/ ClassicFM
Hector Berlioz Website
HipHop Archive  Marcyliena Morgan Stanford U
I Hear America Singing Lib of Congress
Met History
some of the greatest voices of Metropolitan Opera
UMI Cultural Heritage Init. >> Music Theater Culture
Music Manuscripts Online Morgan Lib & Museum
National Jukebox  Historical recording /Lib of Cong1901-25
New Music USA
Night at the Opera LC German Opera, Italian Opera & Beyond
"Now What a Time" Blues, Gospel, FtValley Mus Fest, 1938-1943
NY Philharmonic Digital Archives Interntl Era 1943-70 docs
NPR Music
One More Once
Centennial Celebration/Count Basie
Operabase Magellan Mthly data/ 400 internat opera houses
OperaGlass Stanford Univ.
Operissimo Concertissimo
Red Hot Jazz Archive Early jazz examples
Rock Source Archive Chronological: No search across dbs
RoJaRo-Index  Kjetil Maria Aase Rock, Jazz & Roots rock
Smithsonian Folkways  folk music resource
Teoria Jose Rodriguez Alvira  Music theory & ear training web -- fixed-do solfege
Virtual Instrument Museum Wesleyan U World Mus Collect



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Browse the CD collection for:
M7-M27 Bach
M125-217  Strings
M956 Mozart
M1000 Symphony
M1042 Beethoven
M1010-1129 Piano concertos
M1016 Baroque
M1200 Orchestral/ Band
M1356-1366   Jazz
M1450 Global dance
M1505  Opera
M1630.18 Rock / Soul / Pop /Country
  M1630.18.D9 Bob Dylan
  M1630.18.H6 Buddy Holly
  M1630.18.H69 Howlin' Wolf
  M1630.18.S5 Paul Simon
M1611.T25 Opera--Kiri Te Kinawa
M1629.7 Louisiana music
M1670 Blues
M1680.18 Blue grass
M1681 Jamaican / Cuban / Calypso
M1684   Central Amer music
M1698 Gypsy
M1714 Greek music
M1739.18 Beatles
M1740 Irish / Scottish
M1768 Scandinavian
M1824 Indonesian
M1830 African music
M1850 Klezmer
M2112 Early Christian
M3481  Mexican /Chicano in MN
MT358  Native American
CCLibrary Reference Sources

-Ref HQ784.M3 E54 Encyclopedia of children, adolescents, and the media
-Ref ML100.B38 Billboard Encyclopedia of Music
-Ref ML100.H897 Harvard concise dictionary of music
-Ref ML100.N48 New Grove Dictionary of music & musicians,20 v. Classical
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Encyclopedia of rap and hip-hop culture
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