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1)  Prentice-Hall Inc: 

      a)  Using the TI 83/84

      b)  Using the TI 86

      c)  Using the TI 89

      d)  Graphing Calculator Help

     Help on TI-82, 83, 85, 86, 89, 92, HP48G, CFX-9850 GaPlus,

     Sharp EL 9600C, and Casio FX2 Calculators are covered. 



            a)     TI-83 and TI-84 Help and Activities

            b)     TI-89 and Voyage 200 Help and Activities


3)  Atomic Learning - TI-84 Videos Excellent!  Very easy to follow video presentations complete with audio explanations.


4) TI-83/84 Movie Demonstrations

This link features automated movies of keystrokes and practice problems with directions of calculator usage.  GREAT!


5)  TI 83/84 Trouble Shooting By Stan Brown also includes

    TI-83/84/89/92 Procedures and Help  Great Wedsite of tutorials!


6)  TI-83, 83+, 84, 84+ Quick References - By Kenny Felder


7)  WatchMeWare - TI-83 and TI-89

Offers a FREE download where you can click keystrokes on a simulated calculator and are lead through basic examples.


8) - Virtual Emulator Download


9)  Creating Virtual Calculator Videos using Camtasia

     also TI-86 Camtasia Video examples


Graphing Calculator Basics Workshop

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008 - Room H154, 11:00-Noon   

Handout:   (PDF)


TI-89 Calculator Workshop - (PDF)

Dr. Ye Yoong Hong and Dr. Mike Thomas





Printable Documents:

1) - FREE Download and Printable Guidebooks


2) OHLONE College Calculator Page - Printable documents covering TI-83/84, 85/86 and 89 Calculators


3) - Step-by-step tutorials and example problems with solutions for the TI-83 83+ calculator.

4)Features of the TI-89 that Maximize its Use Folders, Files, and Management techniques - Martha Green, Baldwin High School     **This document also holds many Differential Equation techniques.  (PDF)







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What Is Math Anxiety?           

One definition of math anxiety is “the panic, helplessness, paralysis, and mental disorganization that arises among some people when they are required to solve a mathematical problem”. (Source:  Tobias and Weissbrod (1980)).  Math anxiety is a serious and pervasive problem, especially in the community-college setting.  Students may experience math anxiety in many forms and degrees, from “freezing up” during a math exam, to attempting to avoid anything having to do with numbers.   Symptoms may be physical or psychological and may include (but not be limited to) any of the following:

Physical:  Nausea, shortness-of-breath, sweating, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure.

 Psychological:  Memory loss, paralysis of thought, loss of self-confidence, negative self-talk, math avoidance, isolation (thinking you are the only one who feels this way).

Do You Have Math Anxiety?       

To see if it is possible that you might have math anxiety, visit the link below:

A Self Test (Source:

Math Anxiety Video funny and corny, yet informative!

Large viewer

Small viewer

Video Supplement


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