Waite-Altringer's Human Body Course


Textbook & other links Organization-terms Chemistry
Hole's essentials edition
full edition-not essentials
Animations link Video narratives-on D2L site
Body images
use google chrome with this
U of M website
The Human Machine- Eyewitness video
The Incredible Human Machine-video
Biology dictionary
Crash course - you tube
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U of M website

Periodic Table | II
Scale of the Universe
Cell Tissues Skin
Human Genome
Lund Experiment
Cells Alive
Cell membranes
Mitosis Video
Mitosis Rap
Identifying Epithelial Tissue
Identifying Connective Tissue
Identifying All Tissue Types
Burn pics - grease
Structure of the Skin
Rattlesnake bite
Skeletal-joints Muscles Nervous
Broken femur pics
broken radius x-rays
Lumbar pins
Torn tendon (bicep)
Tibia break 
Elbow dislocation
Arthroscopic knee pics
Broken arm with pins
Arthroscopic wrist pics 
Achilles tendon surgery pics
Sliding filament model
Sliding filament model 2
Sliding filament model 3
Muscles of body
Right vs left brain (dancer) test
Right vs left brain test (MC)
Reflex arc video
Brain scan
Phineas Gage
Pinky and the Brain
Mike the headless chicken 
Senses Endocrine Blood
Cow Eye Dissection
Cataract | Glaucoma 
Eyelid injury-cage
Lasik Surgery

Tallest Man Alive 
Tallest Woman  II
Addisons Disease
Bol and Muggsy
Blood Typing 
Blood donation Red Cross 
Blood typing
Blood typing game
blood typing game- old version
Sickle Cell anemia 
Cardiovascular Lymphatic & Immunity Digestive
Blood flow
Cardiac Cycle

Heart sounds
Angiogram pics (before/after)
Blood pressure chart
AIDS/HIV (origins) 
fact sheet 
US cases Lymphatic Collecting Vessels 
and Regional Lymph Nodes 
Teeth X-ray
Stomach ulcer after gastric bypass
Gastric Bypass
Digestion from the inside
Respiratory Urinary Reproductive
Popcorn lung |
Anatomy of the Upper Respiratory Tract 
Gas Transport
Vocal fold/cord comparisons | II | real
kidney stones | 2
Sonogram pics
Miracle of Life - 9months in 4min
Life's greatest miracle

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