Peer Critique Form: 
Critical Evaluation Essay 1st Draft
(Workshop worth 20 pts)

Writer's Name:

Editor's Name:

Respond to the following criteria after your first reading of your group mates’ essays. These are the criteria on which you will focus your comments, as noted in Peer Critique Procedure.  You will comment within the essays themselves, and also attach this form onto the end of each essay ("copy and paste" into an MS WORD document) you read, and write responses to each criteria in the spaces or margins. This critique is worth 20 points to the editor, who will be evaluated for the number and quality of comments on the essay itself (not just filling out this form).

A Well-Presented Subject

Does the introduction set-up the overall judgment (central focus of the essay) rather than just summarizing the story? Yes or no?

A Clear Judgment

Is the main judgment (thesis statement) about which story is best-crafted easy to find and does it contain the main reasons of support (premises)? Yes or no?

Are the reasons in support of the thesis "arguable" judgments about clear criteria? If not, explain:

Does the main judgment (thesis statement) seem decisive yet not too extreme (one way or the other)? If not, explain:


Appropriate Reasons and Convincing Support

Are all of the reasons for the judgment clearly presented in the body of the essay in the order they appear in the thesis?

Are the reasons supported by evidence in the form of specific examples from the story through paraphrase, summary, and direct quotation? Explain in the essay where the writer may need more examples:

Is it clear that the writer has thoroughly read the stories in great depth and critically? Does the writer come across as an expert? Explain your yes/no answer.

Does the writer make accurate comparisons (and contrasts) with the other stories he/she deems less successful?

The Big Picture

Does the writer place the story into context (how it relates to real-life problems)?

Does the writer move beyond the story itself to connect it to the larger cultural context?

Is the writer's evaluation, overall, more subjective or objective? Rate it on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being most "Objective."


Is the essay in MLA Manuscript Format ?

Does the writer incorporate examples from the stories and cite page numbers correctly in MLA format? See pages L-14-19 in A Writer's Reference with Writing about Literature.