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Pre-test: Information Literacy


Please select the best answer(s) for each question. This test is not graded and is for your use only.


1. Which three things should you consider when evaluating a website?


         Navigation, structure and format

         Authority, purpose and currency

         Layout, Graphics and Publisher

         None of the above


2. Which of the following is a characteristic of scholarly journals?

Reports on current events

Usually published weekly

Articles include bibliographies or references

Normally read by the general public

3. When searching the Internet you should keep in mind...

That you can find any information online if you just search long enough

That banner ads and chat rooms will often lead you to the best quality information

That because of copyright laws, nothing worthwhile is ever published on the Internet

That not all online sources provide reliable or authoritative information

4. The area of the library where you would go to get help with a strategy for a research project is:

Special Collections




5.  Information literacy is a term that best applies to:

a. College students learning to improve their research skills

b. Lifelong learners in any number of learning situations

c. Librarians designing interactive instruction tools

d. Both a and b

6. You must cite your source used in a research paper if:

The source was quoted word for word

Only the idea was used in the paper, the words were changed

The source was from a web page

All of the above

7. Which is the best strategy when you find too much information?


Broaden your question
Narrow your question
Change your topic
Only use the first few results











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