MALDI-TOF Implementation materials

Preparing the Module

The program materials consist of tutorial videos, learning assessment quizzes, and Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) activities that can be used in any combinations that work in your program.  (Our implementation uses the videos and quizzes outside of class and activities during reflux or reaction times in the laboratory.)  You can freely use any or all of the provided curricular materials and we can also distribute PowerPoint slides upon request by those who prefer to cover the topics in a traditional lecture format.


With a little bit of additional work and a local collaborator, we can help with the logistics to include a research/research-like activity as part of your laboratory program.  We have integrated this program into and existing collaboration with Ever Cat Fuels in Anoka, Minnesota.

Curricular Materials

MALDI Activity 1

MALDI Activity 2

MALDI Activity 3

MALDI Activity 4 

Sample Data



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