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Ground Photos

Old field succession site (a & b) - This site was last plowed in 1968. It is divided into a flat area (b) and a south-facing sloped area (a) that produces a warmer, drier (xeric) microclimate than on the flat area.  As a result, succession on the slope has been slower than in the flat area as evidenced by these photographs. The view is from on top of the slope looking south in both cases. The school can be seen in the 1972 photo in the background, but woody vegetation growth now obscures that view.


1972                                                                                                                    2006

Ground Photos


The west field was planned to be a prairie and oak savannah but has not been managed in the last few years and sumac and small trees.  We are currently planning to restore the prairie and oak savanna in 2007.


West field looking southeast in 1972 (left) and May 2002 (Middle). Left photo is same area in October 2006 but looking north from near the river.  Staghorn sumac with its red berry cluster still visible in spring and bright red in the fall continue to grow despite being cutback twice in the early 2000s. No sumac is present in 1972.  Notice that the school is no longer visible from the field and many trees are encroaching along the border.


 west field 1970sumac in priariesite 4 from river path




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