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Cambridge Campus Prairie

Prairie Restoration

On April 9, 2007, we performed a controlled burn as part of the process in restoring our prairie and oak savanna region.  After several years of woody vegetation succession and non-native species invasion, we will be restoring about 3.5 acres of the Natural Area to these two native habitats. Pictures of the burn are below.  The next step will be to see what vegetation comes up and herbicide any unwanted species.  Then we will plant seeds and seedlings of native species in these sprayed areas in the middle of the summer.  We will keep photos of different stages of this process, so visit this page periodically


Photos from April 9, 2007    Photos from May 2007


                                  making fire

   Prairie Section after woody vegetation cut and before burn                                                    Creating a fire line that helps contain fire



                                  burn hot

                                       Close up of fire                                                                                                                         Fire at its hottest


squirting at tree                                                             smoke devil

                    Squirting at snag to protect it from fire                                                                                     A "smoke devil" arises like a small tornado
                                                                                                                                                                                             picking up small branches



                                  after burn

                          Fire almost out in oak savanna                                                                                               Fire barely smoldering



Photos from April 9, 2007    Photos from May 2007




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