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Subunit 5:  Establish Arboretum



Create a site for introduction of plant species useful for instruction or demonstration purposes in the south end of the west field.



Potential Class Projects and Activities:


1.      Determine through literature search those tree species most important in Minnesota’s native plant communities and their ecological requirements.


2.      Assess abiotic factors on campus for suitability of introduction of above species and then determine which species could survive on the site, then plant them.


3.      Create a map and guide pamphlet for the arboretum.


4.      Repeat activities 1-3 above for evolutionarily important species (ginkgo etc.), shrubs particularly important for wildlife, etc.



Service Learning Component:


1.      Plant the desired species.


2.      Create a series of environmental education plans tailored for specific target groups such as primary grade elementary students, sixth grade students, general citizenry and conduct site tours and activities for these groups.



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