Chemistry 1061 Resources

Periodic Table
Conversion Sheet
Laboratory Notebooks
Laboratory Reports
Sample Lab Report
Chemistry Right-To-Know Training Syllabus (safety and housekeeping rules)
Chemistry Right-To-Know Training Completion Form
Chemical Safety and Disposal

Chem 1061 Lab Professors (Coon Rapids only - Spring 2020)
Chem 1061 Lab Schedule (Coon Rapids only)

Reported Textbook Errors (Principles of Chem, 3rd ed, Tro)
Reported Textbook Errors (Principles of Chem, 2nd ed, Tro)

Chemistry 1061 Lab Experiments

Lab 1: Unknown Solutions
Lab 2: Microscale Density
Lab 3: Spreadsheets I
Lab 4: Spreadsheets II
Lab 5: Limiting Reactant
Lab 6: Reactions
Lab 7: Intro to the Lab Interface
Lab 8: Gas Laws
Lab 9: Acid-Base Titration
Lab 10: Thermochemistry
Lab 11: Beer's Law
Lab 12: Lab Project
Lab 13: Cleanup Duties for S220


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