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5. Results

e. Content

When deciding whether or not an information source is useful in the context of your research, you should consider the following issues regarding content. Click on the heading above each column for a set of activities that will clarify your understanding of each:                   


Are the goals for this publication clearly stated?

Is there a particular bias evident? Is the viewpoint of the author's affiliation reflected in the message or content? Does the information appear to be valid and well-researched?


Does this appear to be quality work?

Is the information well-organized? Has the author used good grammar? Are the graphics images, tables, charts, diagrams appropriate and clearly presented?


How does it cover your topic?

Is it comprehensive? an overview? highly detailed and narrowly-focused? Does the work update other sources?



Does the work address your research question or meet the requirements of your assignment?

Is the content appropriate for your research topic or assignment?





a. Overview

b. Strategy

c. Credibility

d. Usefulness

e. Content


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