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Biology 1103

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe. “

-- My First Summer in the Sierra , by John Muir 1911, page 110.


General Links:

13th edition textbook

14th edition textbook - Cunningham

Poster presentation photos

Ecological Footprint

Minnesota Counties

Deformed Frog Photos

Periodic Table  II

Minnesota DNR Website

US Fish & Wildlife Service

MN dept of Agriculture

Earth Day

George Perkins Marsh

T. Roosevelt

Malthus and Marx

Aldo Leopold

Rachel Carson

Wangari Maathai

Air Quality Links:

MPCA air quality

Air (map)

World air quality map

Beijing AQI

Popcorn lung   e-cigs

HAPS list

TRI (toxic release inventory)

EPA TRI facility lists US


Sherco Power (TRI)


CO2 levels - world

CO2 levels vs temp

MN coal power emissions

Mercury emissions-coal

Mercury in MN - tip

Minamata disease - video

A day in LA

Ozone hole size (2) (current readings)

light pollution 2

Space Junk   II

Greenhouse gases

Environmental Activism:

Protected Species and Land Links:

Butterfly- Luna  video

Tree huggers

The Cove  II

Whale Wars2

Telephone pole hug

PETA- animal activism

Endangered Species

endangered species fines

Poaching fines

First species listed on ESA

Great Gray Owl-MN

Snowy Owl- MN

All owls in MN sounds II


Wilderness Areas, II

MN State Parks

National Parks

Wildlife Refuges

African Photo Safaris

African Trophy Hunts

Isle Royale info data

Isle Royale map

Isle Royale 2003

Moose ticks

Wolf Management -MN

Wolfs left

Conventional Energy Links:

Superfund Site & Hazardous Waste Links:

Sustainable Energy Links:

WY coal mine-PRB

Sherco Plant (Becker)

Flint Hills/Koch Refinery map

Nuclear reactors

Nuclear Reactors worldwide

Nuclear reactor cores

NEI - Yucca

NEI- Nuke plants US map

ANWR (wikipedia)

Yucca Mountain

Chernobyl 25 yrs after- pics

Fire water from fracking

Fracking video- biased

Gulf of Mexico oil wells

Bakken Formation

Exxon Valdez 25 years after

Peat to coal

National Priority List

What's in my neighborhood?

NPL totals  - summary

MN Superfund sites II

E-waste - overseas

Superfund mapper


Haubenschild farm

Haubenschild farm photos

US anaerobic digesters

Rosendale Farms  map


Biogas facilities

Landfill gas to energy

Waste to energy

Solar cookers

pop bottle light  II

CSP Solar Fields pics

solar tubes

Hydropower  II

Solar Power MN(II)(III)

NorthStar solar info

MSP airport solar array

Smart Power Strips

Buffalo Ridge & South East-MN windmill photos

Photo Windmills- Oregon

Windmills California

Prairie Star Wind Farm

Wind Energy US

Windpower stats

Windom, MN map

Windmill install

Windmill technician

Wind map US

Power maps

Biofuel-oil seed crop

EverCat Fuels story II

Earth Sheltered Homes



Adobe homes

Farming Links:

ANDi the green monkey, II

Glofish12GMO examples

GMO shoppers guide

WHO GMO crops

Seed Saver (facebook)

National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation - Fort Collins, CO

Svalbard global seed vault

Pesticides and produce


Forest Fragmentation


Nitrogen fixating plants

Miscanthus giganteus

USDA certified organic II

Organic farm list - USDA


fish farms: feedlots of the sea

fish farm pictures

red lobster menu

The ocean aire restaraunt

Monterey Bay fish cards

Seafood Health Alerts

Organic Apple Orchard - MN

Mato Grosso

Panama Canal

Hilltop pastures farm

wind & ATV erosion

Lake Orono -Reservoir

Strip & Contour farming- MN

Strip/contour farming SE MN - map

plows: chisel

Corn Plastic

CAFO  US map

Environmental Practices Links:

Water Links:

EPA recycling - states

US stats

US state recycling - best and worst

Decomposition time of products

Recycling -green living

Plastic Recycling #'s

Anoka County Recycling

Isanti County Recycling

Recycling Organics

No waste holiday gifts

Mississippi Delta(2)

Water Quality (TMDL)

MN EPA list

MPCA impaired water list

Home water conservation

Water Consumption Calculator

Toilet- dual flush capacity

Tapped trailer (2)

Aral Sea


Ogallala Aquifer

Eutrophic Lake

Lake Erie - Algal blooms

Lake Erie is Dead

Pfiesteria Algae1, 2, 3,4

Blue Green Algae

Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch ABC news

Swans- Central MN river  (Lady)  map


Phosphate ban

Panama canal map

Red Lake River Erosion- Crookston, MN

Cattle & streambank erosion

Crookston Flood 2006

Hoover Dam


Barrier Islands (2)

Bogs and Fens

Pitcher plant

Wolffia Columbiana

Lake Superior barrels II

Thermal shock MN

Population Links:

Invasive Species Links:

World Fact Book-CIA

Geography IQ webpage

Richest/Poorest Countries

What's your count?

current US population count

Rich Poor Division

Most Billionaires - Country

China's One Child Policy

China's population density map

Total fertility rate trends

Census MN  II

Population growth over the years

Country land acreage


Pelican Killer

USFWS- Boxscore of endangered species

Illegal trapping MN


Wolf compensation trust

Grizzly compensation trust

Defenders of Wildlife

Bison skulls

Shark finning

shark finning video

Shark fin soup


snow geese regulations

Cactus- price

Endangered species products

Rhino horn kills

Foxes killed

Poaching deer


DNR list of Invasives in MN

Invasive Kudzu vine

Gypsy Moth trap


Feral pigs2 34

MN Invasive Species

Carp video II

Zebra Mussels in Lake Mille Lacs


Sea Lamprey

Extra Links:

Biome Links:

Slums of Sierra Leone & rice paddies of India

West Nile Virus-map  USGS maps

Lymes Disease

Malaria Map

Zika Virus map

Tsetse fly distribution


Dog Breed

Canine species


MN hybrid laws

Wolf hybrid laws

Typhus  types



Bubonic plague  II

Spring Break 2003 Wyoming

Grizzly Gulch Fire: Deadwood, SD Summer 2002

What the ...?

Flat Earth Society  II

Michelle Bachman - CO2

Species Interactions

Ice Ball 2015 Will Steger

Beneficial Insect study 2014 and Living sustainably


Beaver drop - 8:34

Borneo cat drop

Chytrid Fungus - Frog collection


Musk Ox


Spotted owl

AZ desert

Cactus MN

Desert Fox  Arctic Fox

permafrost thaw

Ketchikan, AK

MN biomes

Cool cloud forests

Mountain/Alpine tundra

Boreal Forests/Taiga

Boreal forest map

Temperate Rainforest map

Short grass Prairie

Prairie distribution US

Prairie plant roots

Oak Savanna


tamarack bog


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